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Plumbers Masontown PA

Plumbers Masontown PA

Plumbing services include repairs and installation of water, sewage and natural gas pipe systems throughout a home. They can also work on interior and exterior faucets, fixtures and other plumbing equipment. Some plumbers specialize in residential plumbing repairs, while others are more adept at commercial projects.

Repairs to a Burst Pipe (Plumbing Contractor)

A plumbing problem can cause damage to your pipes if left untreated. The most common plumbing issues include clogged pipes, broken or leaking pipes and leaky toilets. A plumber can patch up the damaged area and fix the pipe, or they can replace the entire line.

Install a Pressure-Reducing Vacuum Valve

A PRV should be installed on all new water service lines in accordance with the International Plumbing Code. It reduces the pressure of the water flowing through the pipe to avoid damage and corrosion to the pipes.

Connect Your Property with a Public Water Line in Masontown

All property owners whose properties abut upon any public water line that serves the Borough of Masontown are required to connect at their own expense. Whenever any consumer fails to do so, the proper officials of the Borough of Masontown are authorized to shut off or stop water service until the installation is repaired or removed.

Payment of Charges; Late Penalty

All moneys for water furnished, supplied or sold by the Borough of Masontown to any person, firm or corporation for any purpose as hereinbefore described and set forth, including the cost of any shutoff valve and curb box and any labor, shall be billed to the property owner and become due and payable to the Borough of Masontown within 19 days of the month succeeding that during which said water was so furnished, supplied or sold. SS 141-4 Conflicting rates and schedules repealed

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