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Electronic Screen Repair

iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy or any other cell phone, the screen is an integral part of the device. That colorful screen serves as a personalized window to the world and your connected lifestyle, providing essential functions like messaging and communicating with friends and family.

Fortunately, electronic screen repair isn’t as difficult as you might think and can be done at home by anyone who can safely work on electronics. Just be sure to use an antistatic wristband and static guard mat while repairing your phone, tablet or laptop screen.

DIY Scratch Repair
There are plenty of products available that claim to be able to restore small scratched screens. These usually contain a mild abrasive that’s used to polish out and buff up surface scratches. While this may help, it’s not a good solution because it could remove the oleophobic coating that protects the screen from scratches and oils.

Cracked Glass and Damaged LCD/Digitizer
If you have a cracked phone or tablet screen that shows signs of damage to the LCD or digitizer, it may be time for a replacement. However, this is not always the case and there may be other issues with the device that are causing symptoms like flickering, discoloration or problems with backlighting.

If the device is still under warranty, you should check with your carrier to see if they offer free or low-cost screen repair services. Otherwise, you should consider a professional repair shop with transparent pricing and experienced technicians who can handle the job quickly.

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