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Lawn Maintenance – Keeping Your Lawn Healthy Year-Round

Lawn Maintenance A lawn care program is designed to promote the overall health of the soil and turf. It includes services such as weed control and soil testing to keep the grass and soil free from pests and diseases that may damage the lawn.

Standard lawn care packages include mowing, fertilizing and core aeration of the soil to help maintain a healthy lawn. Aeration helps the roots of the grass grow by allowing air, water and fertilizer to penetrate deeply into the soil.

The right time to feed your grass is important, as well. You can test the soil’s PH level in early spring to determine how much fertilizer is needed for your grass to thrive.

Mowing & Fertilizing
If your lawn is mowed regularly, the clippings will decompose and help replenish the nutrients in the soil. You can also add a fertilizer that’s formulated to match the type of grass in your yard.

Preventative grub control products can be used to target Japanese beetles, June bugs and European chafers that will eat your lawn, leaving it wilting and bare. Apply these preventative applications according to the directions, and you’ll be able to enjoy a lush, healthy lawn in no time!

Early spring is also a good time to consider treating with post-emergent herbicides and weed seeds that have germinated. Cool-season grasses can benefit from a pH adjustment, too, in late spring and summer.

Keeping your lawn healthy year-round by following a lawn care schedule will give you peace of mind and keep your grass looking its best. A professional lawn care service will be able to identify any issues that may arise and address them before they have an impact on your lawn’s health.

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