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Puffco Peak Glass

Easily replace your glass with this Puffco Peak Glass, designed to provide a percolation water filtration for your electronic dab rig. It’s a hand-blown, borosilicate glass attachment that snaps in and out of the base for easy storage and cleaning.

The Puffco Peak is the perfect solution for anyone looking to get the best dab experience possible without sacrificing convenience. The device offers a highly customizable dabbing experience, with a temperature control system, Bluetooth capabilities, and an app that will keep track of your sessions.

To use the Puffco Peak, start by charging it to full capacity (it takes about 2.5 hours). Next, load your concentrates into the atomizer and press the power button to turn on. The device will then heat up and vibrate three times to let you know it’s ready.

Clean and Maintain Your Puffco Peak
Keeping your Peak Pro clean is an important part of maintaining your dab rig’s performance. You’ll want to regularly wipe the chamber down with a vape cleaning stick, and occasionally soak it in a little isopropyl alcohol to keep it free of build-up.

A spare Puffco Peak Glass can also be a great backup in case you break or lose your original one. This borosilicate glass is hand-blown, and offers an internal percolation water filtration for a consistent, smooth hit.

For more information, or to purchase a Puffco Peak Glass, visit our online store at To the Cloud Vapor Store! We offer the best prices and free shipping on all products.

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